Kryzer Family Tree

Are you a Kryzer or related to a Kryzer? Looking for some relatives? You came to the right place. This web site is pretty lame so far, but I have assembled a couple documents showing the Kryzer heritage.

Most all Kryzer's in the United States descend from Albert and Karolina Kryzer who moved here from Czechoslovakia on July 1st, 1863. Each at the age of 44, they brought their 7 kids aboard the ship named Australia, and settled in Hart, Minnesota. Here is a scanned image of the page from the Czech immigration logs for ships arriving in New York. It is interesting how the children's names were spelled before they were "converted" to American names.

Looking for Kryzer ancestors? Here is all the information I have on the ancestors of Albert & Karolina Kryzer. If you have more details, please email me so I can share them with everyone. (Ancestor details are the hardest to find.)

So how are you related to Albert and Karolina? This descendant tree shows 3 generations of children below Albert and Karolina. If you know who your grandparents are, then you will likely find them in this document. It is not the greatest quality because it was scanned in from a document which was typed and drawn by hand 40 years ago.

Who am I? I'm Jeff Kryzer, a descendant of Albert's son John. I am slowly putting together another descendant tree of just John's descendants which goes a little deeper. This one was done on the computer so it is much easier to read, zoom, and print. It is obviously not complete, so if you can provide details for a blank section, please contact me.

If you visit this page, send me an email. I'm curious if anyone looks at my web page and if they find it useful. Take care.